The only limit
is your own creativity.

All in one pass:

Cut, kiss cut, perforate, crease,
engrave and personalize.

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  • The new dimension in personalization!
    Turn excitement into experienced reality
    and printed sheets into personal gifts.

    learn more about namecut® -
  • Out of a CSV-file or QR-Code you can personalize
    each sheet using our outstanding namecut® feature!

    learn more about namecut® -
  • Every single piece becomes unique and
    people are not only addressed from a direct mailing,
    they get emotionally touched!

    learn more about namecut® -
  • EDP Award 2014

    "Best commercial print finishing system"

    And the winner is: motioncutter® – digital high-speed laser system.
    Unexpected from us the European Digital Press Association
    elected our system to the first place and we got awarded with
    a Gold Trophy.


    "Most innovative company
    of the year"

    Classy ambience at the formal dinner of the Druck & Medien Awards.
    The jury rewarded our innovative capabilities that generate exciting
    solutions and breathtaking technologies. An award that motivates us to
    even more innovations and also makes us proud.

  • PrintStar 2010

    "Innovation Prize of the
    German Printing Industry"

    The extraordinary production line consisting of the web-to-print platform, digital printing machines and a motioncutter® has convinced the jury and prevailed against 350 applicants. This world’s unique production openes the individualization of print and mailing products new opportunities.

added value

All in one pass

Multiple functions can run simultaneously for each sheet.
Just use different colours in your artwork to divide between the functions.

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cut Nice & Clean

The range of possibilities is infinite and goes from simple technical cuts to complex filigree ornaments.

kiss cut Labels on demand

Precise laser control allows to cut only the first layer of an adhesive without marking the backing paper.

engrave Tactile 3D-Effects

Remove print and coatings to create stunning visual effects. Use on thicker materials to make them stand out and come alive.

crease For perfect packaging

Keep the integrity of your print as the laser creases don't break the paper fibers on folding. Excellent for prototyping or even long runs.

perforate Any shape, any pattern

From Micro-perforation up to holding points: Choose the right perforation that fits perfect to the substrate and your demands.

namecut The new dimension

Cut names or any other personalized data out of a CSV-file or QR-Code and reach people in a very personal and emotional way.

We stay connected


motioncutter® is manufactured in Germany under ISO-Norms using the best components of well known suppliers. "Industry 4.0" is therby an essential part for our support. We can connect over the internet to every motioncutter® and check components or change parameters. A mobile web cam helps to visualize problems and through our ticket system we are able to deal with all of your questions.