Basic requirements

Environment Nice & Clean

motioncutter® is a beautiful designed high-tech system and deserves a pleasant environment. Important is a flat floor without bumps or holes.

Temperature preferred constant

motioncutter® can be run from 18° C (64° F) till 38° C (100° F). Constant temperature about 22° C (72° F) is preferred to achieve the best results.

Floorspace Compact

motioncutter® is a compact system and only needs L 5.800 x W 1.550 x H 2.400 mm (L 19 x W 5 x H 7,87 ft.) included feeder and service space.

Extraction Simple as can

The double mflow™ extraction system is built into the motioncutter®. You just have to supply a pipe ø 250 mm (0,82 ft.) to the outside.

Electricity 3 Phases

motioncutter® works internally with 3 phases 400 V. We provide a transformer in front to get connected to your electricity.

Doorway Easy going

The dimension of the largest non-collapsible unit is: height 2.400 mm (7,1 ft.), width 1.550 mm (5,1 ft.), length 2.000 mm (6,7 ft.)



Digital high-speed laser system made in Germany.



Coming soon.



Coming soon.