Having had global success with motioncutter® over
the past 2 years since starting out as manufacturers, we are
excited to unveil the future generation of laser cutting.

themediahouse®, a successful print and advertising company is the creative force behind the motioncutter®.
As printers we have developed systems that are used daily in our own production.
Having released "motioncutter® – digital high-speed laser system" 2 years ago we now have
a Global install base and are the market leaders in Sheet fed laser systems.

It can happen that people buy a certain level of machinery and find that their workload increases dramatically,
with this usually comes the expense of having to buy completely new machinery to keep up with this demand.
As printers, we do not think this is right or fair!

This is why we have developed a new laser head generation that allows you to start with a 100 Watt or
250 Watt laser bulb at a low entry cost and have the ability to upgrade just your laser bulb up to 400 Watts
when you are reaching production capacity. The bulbs are completely interchangeable within the original
laser head casing meaning your capital outlay is massively reduced.

motioncutter® is the only laser system that can grow as you grow.

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All lasers are the same? This is no longer the case with a motioncutter®.

We not only have the most advanced controls to move our laser mirror precisely to your files,
we have re-defined the way laser beams are used to cut organic materials like paper!
By reducing the actual spot size of the laser beam we need less energy to cut through a material
meaning the area of contact from the beam is massively reduced. It also means we can move
the laser beam faster when processing material. Through our clever beam path components
we redirect the energy away from the center of the laser beam to have a sharper edge.

In conjunction with our patented mesh conveyor belt and double mflow™ extraction system
motioncutter® has the cleanest cut on a commercial sheet fed laser system.

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Our aim as printers is to reduce our workflow holdups and increase automation processes
whilst keeping maximum quality control. Finishing is often forgotten in main workflow software
solutions and so we have integrated a set of “Apps” which you can use
individually or as a whole to meet your needs and budget.

App 1: We start with your customers!
An App that allows customers to see a complete 3D visualisation
of their products, even with special coatings and foils.
Design and proofing has never been simpler or quicker.

App 2: We proceede with your product portfolio!
We offer a constantly growing template stock of stunning products through our product shop.
The product variety ranges from packaging via direct mail through to greeting cards.
Be prepared for the coolest laser processed products you can imagine!

App 3: We control your production!
With our integrated camera array system we not only control the positioning to the print without special marks
we also recognize the whole job and change over the cutting files and set-up parameters.
Taking on the full mCloud™ package can offer complete workflow software integrating print through to
cutting edge finishing, saving you money, time and wasted space for QR codes or special marks.

State of the art technology by motioncutter®!

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