Developed from a printer for other printers.

Years ago themediahouse® GmbH in Germany searched for a solution to cut digitally.
When they saw that there was no solution on the market, they decided to build a system for themselves –
to be able to produce exceptional print products.

It took 1 year to put the idea into operation. With the practical experience as a user, the system was continuously improved
within 3 years. What began as a development for their own use has now been on the market for 2 years.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: The printed sheets are moved on a special conveyor belt through the system
and the mirror laser positioned above follows the sheet and cuts the shape in motion.

The motioncutter® can cut, kiss cut, engrave, crease and perforate – it can also personalize utilizing the namecut® feature.

And the best part is: all these functions can run simultaneously for each sheet, all together in one step.

June 2009

Project start

February 2010

Alpha machine ready

Oktober 2010


Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry

– August 2012


– May 2013

Betamachine ready

January 2014

Market version ready

May 2014


Most innovative print finishing system

September 2014

Druck&Medien Award

Most innovative Company of the Year

– Dezember 2014

Installations in 5 Countries

September 2015

R&D on new Laser head

and beam path components

January 2016

R&D on mcloud Solution

– March 2016

Installations in 17 Countries

and on 4 Continents

May 2016

Ready for DRUPA